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Pave Cobble Ewe's Milk Cheese, 200g

Allergens: dairy

Made by Whitelake Cheese Company and supplied through Longmans Cheese Sales.
Supreme Champion of 2017
A lactic style Ewes milk. This cheese is ashed and in the shape of a flat-topped pyramid. It has a creamy slightly citrus flavour and should show some surface ripening unless it is allowed to dry as it ages. The appearance should also change from a wrinkled silvery grey when young to a thicker more natural mold rind dominated by greens and blues. The cheese has been named Pavé Cobble by Roger a keen cyclist, as a homage to the difficult and famous cobbled cycling stages. Such as the Paris Roubaix.
Milk : Sheep
Unpasteurised : Yes (Thermised)
Rennet : Vegetarian
Style : Soft
Weight : 200g
Origin: Somerset
Awards: British Cheese Awards Supreme Champion,
Best Fresh Cheese, Best English Cheese & Best Specialist Cheese Maker

Provenance: Longmans have a huge range of cheeses with an emphasis on those produced in Somerst.

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Featured producer:

North Perrott Fruit Farm

One of the few commercial apple orchards left in Somerset.


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