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Burcott Organic Mill

Stoneground Flour, Organic Spelt, 1.5kg


Spelt is one of the oldest cereals known to man. It is higher in protein than most wheats and has a fragile gluten structure making it easy to digest and therefore suitable for people with wheat intolerances. It was grown widely throughout Europe until the early 1800’s when modern wheats were more favoured for their high yields and easier grain extraction. Over the last few years Spelt has once again increased in popularity as its nutritional and health benefits have become more widely recognised. It has large amounts of Vitamin B and is an excellent source of Riboflavin, Niacin and fibre.

Burcott Mill take organically grown spelt grain from Sharpham Park near Glastonbury and use traditional milling methods at historic Burcott watermill near Wells to bring you the best of Somerset, 100% wholemeal stoneground organic spelt flour.

The simple process of stone grinding grain has remained largely unchanged over many thousands of years. In Britain, hand-turned querns were replaced by water-powered mill stones when the Romans arrived. Only the power source was changed.

Most flour today is not stone ground, rather roller milled, an entirely different process introduced with the industrial revolution when mass production was born.

Our stone ground flour is traditionally milled. The grain is ground – not crushed – slowly and smoothly, and the flour is gently warmed, evenly distributing the natural oils, vitamins and minerals throughout the flour. This is the nutritional advantage of stone grinding compared to roller milling.

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