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Bruton Dairy

Somerset Goat’s Milk 1lt


From our friends at Somerset Dairy.
More of us are becoming increasingly aware that cow’s milk may not suit us and have started to seek an alternative that is better suited to the needs of our body. Goats’ milk is nutritionally closest to cows’ milk than other alternatives and yet it has certain physical properties that set it apart. Many people who perceive they have issues with cows’ milk can drink goats’ milk without any problems, and even say that their symptoms (such as eczema; asthma; bloatedness; constipation; digestive discomfort and catarrh) are reduced or go away altogether.
More comprehensive scientific research is needed to confirm these anecdotal benefits but there are a number of studies that have focused on the differences between the two milks.

The goats are fed hay, straw and some pelleted concentrate feed containing cereals and soya. The goats have access to grazing in the summer months.

The goats milk comes from a herd kept by the Longman family at Bagborough near Evercreech

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