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Salad Window Box


Our cut-and-come again baby salad leaf plants have been grown by the participants of Seed of Hope in Cannington,  to help customers address the issue of the 40% (178 Million) salad bags that are thrown away every year.  Our boxes can be kept on a windowsill in the kitchen or in a conservatory (approx 48 cm x 19cm x 19cm). Leaves can be harvested when needed and the plant will re-grow as long as the heart of the plant isn’t used. This means that you only take what you need when you need it, so no bags of salad going brown in the fridge.

The salad leaf varieties have been selected for flavour and for the ability to regrow after leaves have been harvested without bolting. They are-

Rocket (Astra) – A traditional peppery variety, great for salads. Can also be used when larger as an alternative to Spinach.

Mizuna (Kyoto) – A popular Japanese salad leaf. They have a fresh crisp taste, the Japanese are fond of them pickled.

Pak Choi (Baraku)- A perfect variety for baby leaf salad, it has received an Award of Garden Merit.

Komatsuna (Comred) – Also known as mustard spinach. The leaves have a flavour described as a combination of mustard, cabbage and spinach. Enjoyed in Japan with sesame seed, soya sauce and a squeeze of citrus fruit.

They come planted in our upcycled pallet wood boxes, which we think on their own are worth the price you pay. They are made by our participants in Cannington from pallets that have been checked for safety. This means that they have all been heat treated and not chemically treated. Our sizes vary as each one has been individually hand made. They have been sanded and branded to produce a box that won’t look out of place in the home.

They can be re-used when your cut-and-come again plants have reached the end of their productive lives. They can also be re-sown with similar salad leaves, and to ensure a progression of salad leaves for your table we would recommend that you do this, adding seeds every few weeks throughout the winter and thinning out as needed.. They can also be replanted and used outside in the spring. The boxes are lined with plastic that we have rescued from landfill and given a second use to.

Full aftercare instructions and recipe suggestions can be found on our website-

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