Pontack Sauce, 100ml


A traditional Victorian recipe revived to celebrate the glory of Elderberries.
The foraged Elderberries are cooked for days at a low temperature infusing with the organic onions, spices and apple cider vinegar before being hand pressed and left to mature.  It creates a wonderfully simple and subtly fruity, spiced vinegar (or gentleman’s sauce) that, in small quantities, adds a lovely depth of flavour to gravy, soups, marinades, dips, salad dressings and other sauces. Use it like a vegan friendly Worcestershire Sauce or a lightly spiced and fruity balsamic! 
Ingredients: Elderberries** (48%), Apple cider vinegar*, Onion*, Ginger*, Spices 
This product is fermented and ‘ages’ therefore has no best before date but made on date instead, and this batch is September 2019

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