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White Lake Cheese Company

Pave Cobble, Unpasteurised Ewe’s Milk Cheese, 200g


Made from unpasteurised Ewes milk, this cheese is ashed and in the shape of a flat-topped pyramid. It has a creamy slightly citrus flavour and should show some surface ripening unless it is allowed to dry as it ages.

The appearance should also change from a wrinkled silvery grey when young to a thicker more natural mold rind dominated by greens and blues. The cheese has been named Pavé Cobble by Roger a keen cyclist, as a homage to the difficult and famous cobbled cycling stages, such as the Paris Roubaix.

The farm the ewes’ milk comes from is close to the company’s base in Pylle, Somerset. White Lake also makes cheeses from the milk of goats reared on the premises.


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