Sole of Discretion

Mackerel, Fillet, 300g


A fast swimming silver and blue striped fish belonging to a group of fish called Scombrids, it’s related to tuna. They swim around in huge shoals which feed on small fish and prawns.

The combined Northeast Atlantic mackerel is assessed as one stock, but comprises three spawning components (Southern, Western and North Sea). Based on the most recent scientific advice (September 2015), the stock is assessed as having full reproductive capacity but fishing pressure is too high and above the level required to maintain the stock at sustainable levels. 

It is therefore important to buy mackerel caught in the most sustainable way. All our mackerel is line caught. This means they catch a wide-range of sizes, including the smaller mackerel.  A good fisher will move to a different area to fish if they find they are predating on a shoal of the smaller sized fish.  Mackerel are full of nutritious omega 3 fatty-acids, considered essential in child brain development. 

Cooking Instructions

Preheat the oven to 200C / Gas 6. Trim the fins and tail and slash the sides .  Oil, season and bake until the flesh pulls easily from the bone (about 15-20minutes). 

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