Glastonbury Ferments

Kimchi, 340ml


This magical ‘soul-food’ of Korea often appears on ‘super-foods’ lists and is a testament to the endless creativity bestowed on the humble cabbage around the world. Kimchi has a smack-you-around-the-face flavour with the classic Asian trio of chili, garlic and fresh ginger at its heart. Kimchi will naturally pair with any sort of Asian style salad, dumplings, spring rolls but you could just try it Fusion style with whatever takes your fancy like omelettes, noodles and of course  burgers.

Did you know?

Fermentation naturally preserves raw vegetables without heat but it also enhances their nutritional value? So you get all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of the fresh vegetable as well as additional B and C vitamins and live beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and support the immune system. Oh and did we mention that fermented vegetables are absolutely delicious!

Supplied in compostable Vegware deli pots product weight approximately 200g