Mere Fish Farm

Fillet Hot Smoked Trout (ready to eat) min. 113g.


Once gutted and salted the fish are smoked. This product is called 'Hot Smoked' because of the higher temperature, in this case smoking takes place at 82ºC and lasts 3 hours.

Here is a tasty suggestion:-
Pasta with Hot Smoked Trout and Smoked Trout Terrine.
You will need:

1 Hot Smoked Fillet or Whole Hot Smoked Trout
Fresh Pasta
1 x 4oz Smoked Trout Terrine

Cook the pasta and drain it.
Put the terrine into the pasta while it is hot, which will melt, and then add the broken up hot smoked trout.
Give it a really good mix up until the terrine has melted, add chopped parsley and serve.

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