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Adding this to your basket tells us that you have empty boxes that need collecting. We appreciate their return so that we can re use them. Please put a weight on the box if they are out in the wind.
PLEASE NOTE – If this is your only item, please ignore the £3 delivery charge as we will remove this from your bill

We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities and in particular our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate climate change.  Many new customers are surprised that we use polyboxes to deliver your order but we have thought very carefully about the environmental impact of the polyboxes, which are weatherproof, robust, durable and can be used again and again for up to a year and more.

The more familiar coated cardboard boxes, which on average will only survive for 4 deliveries, do not provide the insulation properties we feel are essential to keep food fresh and safe, and their lack of durability would actually add to our carbon footprint because of the need to constantly replace them.  We have been through the process of considering alternatives, including cardboard boxes using sheep’s wool as insulation, which would have more powerful marketing appeal, but we have made a conscious choice to ignore the marketing advantage of appearance, and chosen functionality and the environment instead.  

We know they are not pretty, and can initially produce a negative reaction until our rationale is understood, but we believe our polyboxes are the most effective and environmentally conscious way available to us to make sure your food is delivered safely to you.  The greatest environmental impact is when the delivery box is not returned requiring us to purchase another one, which is why we offer a free collection service


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