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Cornish Sea Salt, 500g


Cornish Sea Salt hand-harvested just eight metres from the clearest Grade A classified waters (the highest to denote water purity) these pure, brilliantly white sea salt crystals melt in the mouth and add a real flavour intensity to every dish.

Cornish Sea Salt retains over sixty naturally occurring trace elements essential for wellbeing and delivers more taste for less salt, making it a tastier and healthier alternative to traditional table salt.

Since launching last year Cornish Sea Salt has made significant waves in the culinary world.

Winning 10 awards and being used some of the UK’s leading chefs – the tide is turning towards Cornish Sea Salt – a new generation of British sea salt that cares as much about how it harvested and the environment it is made in, as it does the way it tastes. Waitrose price May 2010, £1.95

SKU: C190P