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Breast of Somerset Lamb (on the bone) 1.0kg approx


The breast is very good stuffed. First, it´s a flat piece of meat on top of bone, and there´s a certain logic to stuffing between the meat and the bone. In addition, the stuffing extends the dish, making it go further, as there´s not much meat on the bones. Lamb breast in particular has a rich, strong taste, and the meat is moist and fatty it “nourishes” the stuffing—the stuffing absorbs the good taste of the meat. When you stuff a dry meat, such as veal or chicken, the principle works in reverse: you need a rich stuffing, such as one of pork, so that the stuffing “nourishes” the meat.

Breast of lamb is also very good cut into pieces and slow cooked with vegetables to make a very tasty and frugal meal.

For a slow roast try http://www.simplybeefandlamb.co.uk/recipes/slow-cooked-lamb-breast-dill-and-lemon

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