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Bini Fine Foods

Black Chickpea Curry


“Served at traditional Indian weddings as part of a thali (various dishes served on a platter).  My cousin’s wedding was my first experience of this dish. As a teenager I was a bit of a tom-boy so being dressed in a silk sari with borrowed bindi and bangles didn’t feel all that comfortable and worryingly the sari always seemed in danger of falling off.  

With over a thousand guests all chatting noisily during the ceremony, the ringing of the bell was needed to indicate the bride and groom were now married.  However, for the younger ones, this was the signal for a dash to the main dining hall.  We received a thali plate and black chickpea (kala channa) would be served.  It has a nutty texture and tastes wonderful.  I fell in love with chickpeas that day.”

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