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Apple and Hawthorn Jelly, 150g


Organic apple juice concentrate is used with Agar-Agar (seaweed extract) to naturally sweeten and thicken this wild Hawthorn berry jelly. The berries are handpicked and prepared then slowly, gently infused with the other ingredients to result in a deliciously simple flavor with original but subtle undertones of the hawthorn. Have it with pancakes, toast, cheese, cake or ice cream to give your favorite indulgence a sin free embellishment.

Gluten free, refined sugar free, vegan

Ingredients: Hawthorne berry infusion** (58%), Apple juice concentrate* (40%), Lemon Juice*, Agar-Agar*

*certified organic, **foraged

(prepared with 47g of haws per 100 g of finished product)

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