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Wootton Organic Dairy

North Wootton, Somerset

The Bartlett family has been farming at Sunnyside Farm since the 1960’s, originally keeping beef cattle. Sunnyside is a small, traditional farm, nestled in a lush valley in North Wootton, mid-Somerset, the heart of dairy country. Most of the small meadows have remained unchanged for years, with hedgerows and native meadow grasses supporting a wide variety of wildlife as well as giving greater depth of flavour to the cheeses.

In 1999 James and Dave took over running the farm, at which point they bought the  first batch of Friesland milking sheep. As they had always farmed in an organic way, it was decided  this would be a good time to become officially organic and become registered with the Soil Association.

“The plan had always been to make unique and interesting cheeses from our milk, so in 2001 we converted a stone barn into a cheese dairy and started production. To add variety to our range of products, we began making cheese using Jersey cows’ milk from a neighbouring organic farm. The success of these cheeses led us into buying our own Jersey cows in 2011, so that all our cheeses are now produced from our own milk.”

“As an archaeologist I am a world authority on prehistoric cooking and years ago made a similar cheese from jersey cows milk.  Old Burford is the best cheese I have tasted in years!”  Jacqui, Archeologist