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Wookey Farm

Wookey, Somerset

Ian and Sarah have about 150 goats, mostly British Toggenbergs – a soft brown colour with white stripes on their faces and white ‘socks’. They also have a few  Saanens too (the white ones). The Toggenbergs  produce slightly less milk than the Saanens but their milk is creamier so ideal for cheese and the other products we make from the farms milk.

Sarah has been developing a range of cheeses as well as the bottled whole milk and a lovely strained Greek style plain yoghurt.

Starting with the soft mild spreadable cheese that comes in pots, there are four flavours; plain, garlic and herbs, chilli and garlic and cranberry. Next is the most popular cheese  Ebbor gorge which, as the name suggests, is a brie style cheese. It is made in small rounds, approx 100g each. In the summer months Sarah makes Halloumi ready to top those BBQs, picnics and salads.

Sarah made our first hard cheeses at the end of Summer 2014. The cheese rounds are  matured for a minimum of 6 months when they can be sold, but are still quite mild or left a bit longer to mature for a more tangy taste. The hard cheese Sarah now  produces go through the cheddaring technique which give a firmer more consistent hard goats cheddar which is named “Monks ford”.