The Glastonbury Dairy

Baltonsborough, Somerset

The Clapp family has been farming here for generations.

The family can actually trace their roots in Somerset as far back as the 11th century. Parish records show an unbroken line of yeoman farmers, initially in Wedmore , then in Baltonsborough to the present day.

For the early part of the 20th century the family grew cider apples. The making of farmhouse cheddar cheese using traditional handmade methods began in the 1950&rsquos. Today, the farms are run by brothers Bob and Simon Clapp, both skilled cheesemakers, with Bob�s son Rob responsible for the herd and other family members closely involved.

Butter Making at Brue Valley

Butter making is a natural part of any cheese dairy. The liquid draining off the curds is collected, and the butterfat separated from the whey as cream. After pasteurisation, the cream is used to make butter, which is sold in bulk, or in 250g or 125g packets to the customers&rsquo requirements.