The Community Farm

Chew Valley, Somerset

The Community Farm is a community-owned social enterprise, growing and selling organic food through a box delivery service across Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, and more recently Weston-Super-Mare. Everything grown at the farm is organic and is regularly inspected by the Soil Association.

“Not only does organic farming produce very tasty fruit and vegetables, it also provides a rich habitat for wildlife to thrive in. Amongst the plethora of wildlife living on the farm are skylarks, woodpeckers, lapwings, yellowhammers, buzzards, kestrels, stoats, badgers and deer.”

Almost all of the crops are propagated on the farm. The growing operation is situated 200m from the wholesale warehouse, allowing the crops to move quickly from the field to the fridge in a very short amount of time, ensuring maximum freshness!

Their aim is to help people develop a better understanding of where their food comes from, reconnect with the land on which their food is grown, and learn more about sustainable farming.  With 15 acres of organic farmland in the Chew Valley, five poly tunnels and various projects running on the site, they are perfectly positioned to so!

“We grow and sell organic and locally sourced food as well as involve people from our local community in growing and learning about the food they eat.”