Stephens the Butcher

Steve Henderson is a long established and well respected traditional butcher whose shop can be found at the bottom of Glastonbury High Street. All the products that he supplies to us are sourced from local farmers

Lamb Shanks, 500g approx, each

(£10.25 per kg)


Lambs Heart pack of 2, 500g. approx


Sliced Cooked Ham, 150g approx

(£13.80 per kg)


Sliced Cooked Beef, 110g approx

(£23.45 per kg)


Sliced Cooked Ham, 250g approx

(£13.80 per kg)


Lamb Chump Chops (pack of 2) around 500g

(£23.40 per kg)


Neck of Somerset Lamb  pack of 4,  500g approx

(£9.00 per kg)


Sliced Cooked Turkey Breast, 180g approx

(£26.75 per kg)


Sliced Haslet, Pork meat loaf, 120g approx

(£13.24 per kg)