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Sole of Discretion

Plymouth, Devon

Sole of Discretion are a collective of small-scale fishers fishing out of Plymouth harbour, using small day-boats and fishing the local waters off Dorset, Devon  and Cornwall, operating as a not-for-profit social enterprise. The fisherman are paid an agreed price rather than market price and because the trading company is a Community Interest Company that the fishers themselves own, profits go back into their fishing communities.

“We are committed to providing fish that have been caught with as little damage to the marine environment as possible, have contributed to the livelihood of small-scale fishers and their communities, and to get these high quality and delicious fish to your door fresh from the sea!”

The fishers’ and their vessels are a low impact fishery. They make sure they catch no or very small amounts of immature fish, use as little fuel as possible and have very limited impact on the seabed.

“All our boats are under 10 meters long.  We use rod and line, static gill and trammel nets and mid-water trawls for shoaling species such as sardine or herring.  Some of the flat fish species may occasionally be caught using light-weight bottom trawl, the gear does not impact or plough the seabed, the vessels carry low horse-power engines, and cover ground that is not coral or rock identified on the netters through VMS tracking and, over time, habitat mapping.”

We have recently been audited by the Soil Association, and are the UK’s first wild fishery permitted to use their logo.  We also work with Exeter University’s marine biology department to help verify the science behind what we do.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall said “This is one I would really love to see succeed. Sustainable fish supporting West Country fishermen – I’m in!”

We’re in as well and hope you are in too!