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Seed of Hope

Cannington, Somerset

We are a not-for-profit Social Enterprise (registered CIC) that changes the lives of people with mental health problems in Somerset through Recovery based therapeutic gardening.

Like all the best ideas Seed of Hope was dreamt up in the pub. Our co founders Jayne and Kris were chatting over a well earned drink and realised they both had an interest and experience in the benefits of gardening on mental health. They approached Bridgwater and Taunton College with their idea and asked for permission to use the Walled Gardens of Cannington as a base for their project. Thats was over three years ago and Seed of Hope has grown from strength to strength since then. 

We use the elements intrinsic to horticulture-Being outdoors in nature, increased light levels, working as part of a team towards a common goal, nurturing living plants and environments, gentle exercise and Hope- to deliver improved mental and physical well being for our participants. 

A Social Enterprise:  Selling goods and services, we reinvest the money we make back into the organisation. 

Not for profit:   Any surplus we make from selling our services and products is invested in providing more services.

For community benefit:   We exist to provide Recovery based services for people experiencing mental health problems in the South West.

Co-operative:  Everyone who participates in Seed of Hope by taking part in one of our groups, can become a Member with equal voting rights on our management committee.