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Midway Farm Dairy

Mendip, Somerset

Midway Farm is a small family run farm situated between the villages of Oakhill and Stoke St Michael in the Mendip hills. Hazel and Roger’s small herd of traditional British Friesian cows graze the lush grassland in a closed herd. This means that almost all of the cows have been at the farm since they were born, ensuring all the cows the best possible start in life.

The cows are not pushed to give huge quantities of milk, so their lifespan is increased with some of the cows more than three times as old as the average age of a cow in the UK.  The highest standards of animal husbandry ensures the herd consistently enjoy a high level of welfare for their entire life.  Antibiotics are not routinely used except to treat specific ailments.  ”Look after your cows and your cows will look after you”

The herd is free to  enjoy the lush green pastures and graze as nature intended. In the worst of the winter weather they are housed in spacious barns with access to high quality preserved grass, water and minerals. Each cow has a soft mattress to lie on for comfort.

“Our milk is not homogenised, which is why it tastes like milk used to, so much more creamy than processed milk.  Just shake the container before you pour and enjoy the taste of real, natural milk.”