Midway Farm Dairy

Mendip, Somerset

The British Fresian cows produce less milk than the modern Holstein that is present on most farms. However, the milk is a higher quality with higher levels of protein which increases the nutritional value of the milk.

GOOD FOR THE COW. As the cows at Midway are not pushed to give huge quantities of milk, their lifespan is increased, some of the cows are more than 3 times as old as the average age of a cow in the UK.

COW CARE The cows spend the summer months eating the plentiful supply of grass available and in the winter they are housed (high rainfall on the Mendips!) in spacious barns with access to high quality preserved grass, water and minerals. Each cow has a soft mattress to lie on for comfort.

MILK MILES Food miles are an important issue and Midway Farm Dairy ensures that no direct deliveries are more than 20 miles from the farm.

SUSTAINABLE Antibiotics are not routinely used except to treat specific ailments. Although the farm is not organic, the highest standard of welfare is enjoyed by all the animals. ‘”Look after your cows and your cows will look after you’”