To enable us to update the site with the availability of local produce, the site is open for orders between
8:00 pm on Saturday and 9:30am on Monday for delivery the following Thursday/Friday


Frome, Somerset

We are a small company based around Frome in Somerset with big plans! We would like to grow into a workers co-operative of foragers and producers supporting each other. Slowly (as seasons permit) we are expanding our range of products, which currently include wild garlic pesto, dandy root chutney and pontack sauce, elderflower vinegar and more. We also have plans to grow the foraging team across locations in the South West.

Our home cooked products are inspired by a return to more naturally sympathetic lifestyles. Over time, we have found our tastes have matured away from the overly sweetened produce commonly found on the preserves shelf, and our products are free from modern taste enhancements or excess sweeteners, letting the full flavour of the natural ingredients work together in original way nature intended.