Gluten Free Gourmet

Gluten Free Gourmet was started 2014 and is an award winning family grown business, rooted in Wells but now with a kitchen and shop/cafe in Glastonbury.  Mandy is rightly proud of the business she has built:
“Our food is always 100% Gluten/wheat free with plenty of dairy free and vegan options. Our kitchen is gluten free and we never cross contaminate . We have become a well know and trusted name in Somerset and further afield, and in 2018 we won a silver gilt award for our street food making us one of the top two in the country.”
Now with a  kitchen in Glastonbury we are able to collect their produce straight from their ovens and deliver direct to your door, but if you are visiting the town don’t forget to pop into their shop/cafe, the Pie and Tart in the Gauntlet shopping centre!