Glastonbury Ales

“In the same way that craftsmen devoted their art to King Arthur to make Glastonbury the legend it is today, we are one of the few micro-brewers still passionate about the tradition for hand-brewing flavoursome real beers – renowned for their individuality and exceptional quality. We use only natural ingredients in our beers and aim to care for our environment by becoming the first carbon neutral micro-brewery.

In a world where the race to be big all too often means sacrificing our natural surroundings, Glastonbury Ales provide a real alternative – a festival of flavours whilst caring for our environment.

With NO artificial sugars or additives, our beers mystify those who discover them for the first time, as well as those who make the regular pilgrimage for more! Magic brewing with none of the goodness taken out.

We hope you’ll become a friend of Glastonbury Ales and join us on the crusade to make real beer available to all.”