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Bluebell Coppice Charcoal

Winsham, Somerset

Bluebell Coppice Charcoal are artisan charcoal burners using traditional methods to produce top quality somerset charcoal from their own and other woodlands in South Somerset.

Coppice woodlands have been an integral part of the British countryside for centuries but many in Somerset are badly neglected as they have no commercial value. They aim to restore the woodlands they use to a working state whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing both the beauty and biodiversity of the habitats, and protecting them for future generations

“The charcoal we make is:

  • good for the planet as it hasnt destroyed a rainforest or travelled thousands of miles
  • good for you because it makes great barbecues
  • good for us because making it  gives us a great excuse to spend time in the woods playing with fire”