Beech Ridge Farm

Wellington, Somerset
Chris and Hollie started Beech Ridge Farm in November 2009, and are committed to rearing all their chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese and now lamb in a totally ‘free range’ environment. During the day, our birds and lambs have free run of the farm – just as nature intended.
They  also now rear lamb.  “All the lamb we farm are completely free range and roam our luscious fields in Somerset. They are completely grass fed which we feel massively contributes to the stunning flavour in their meat.”


Free Range Chicken Liver, 250g.

(£8.00 per kg)


New Somerset Free Range Lamb, Half Leg


Free Range Chicken, 1.5kg – 1.8kg

(£5.40 per kg)


New Somerset Free Range Lamb, Breast


Free Range Whole Duck, 2.2kg – 2.5kg

(£6.00 per kg)


Free Range Chicken, 1.9kg – 2.4kg.

(£5.40 per kg)