Aroma Foods

Corston, Somerset

Aromafoods is a Taste of the West multiple award winning ethical and sustainable family business established in 2002 by Peter and Zsuzsanna Horvath who are both vegan themselves.  They specialise purely in plant based, animal and wheat free snacks and foods. To eliminate even the possibility of cross contamination, they operate out of a 100% Vegan and wheat free production kitchen. They believe that gently cooked food tastes better, so use special energy-efficient, thick-bottom steel pots and pans in which simmering can be achieved even at the lowest of gas marks.

“To produce and deliver our food, we aim to use the absolute rock bottom minimum of our planet Earth’s precious resources. We are conscious of our energy use and we aim to waste nothing. We aim to introduce organic and fair trade ingredients where possible, as well as reducing our single use plastic usage. Instead, we will use bio degradable and fully recyclable food packaging. We do not use any palm oil.  Our food waste is ZERO. Our paper and ink usage is kept to a minimum. We keep low stock levels to reduce electricity usage, recycle all our tins, plastic, cardboard and glass as well as cartridges. In 2020 we are to introduce hybrid-electric into our food transportation”

Aromafoods is Carbon Balanced by the World Land Trust.