Alara Organic Wholefoods

Delicious, sustainable, organic Alara.

Alex Smith started Alara in 1975 with just £2 he found on a Camden street.  He is the pioneer of natural and organic food in the UK and has been actively involved in may organisations and projects promoting sustainability.

In 1975 Alex created the first recipe for muesli without added sugar. In 1988 Alara was the first cereal company in the world to be certified Organic. In 2008 they became the first company in the UK with zero waste, nothing goes to landfill. The cardboard box is recyclable and the internal film is home compostable.

Alara Active Life, Organic Muesli, 250g


Alara Rich Organic Muesli, 500g

Alara Organic Wholefoods

Alara Rich Organic Muesli, 500g


New Alara Ancient Grains Organic Muesli, 450g


Alara Delight, Organic Muesli, 250g