We are open for orders from 10.30 am every Sunday – orders close at 9:30 am on Monday for delivery on Thursday/Friday.
A ‘count-down’ clock shows at the top of the screen when we’re open for orders.

Our mission

Somerset Local Food is a much loved organisation that delivers a complete range of locally produced food & drink to the door of hundreds of people across Bristol and Somerset each week. We are committed to treating producers fairly, paying them a wholesale price, sourcing as locally as possible and only from farms with the highest animal welfare standards.

We think it’s important that you know where your food comes from, who produced it, how they produced it, exactly what went into it and how it helps both the environment and the local economy. It’s vital that small, often specialist, local food and drink producers have access to a wider customer base than they can supply just through farm-gate sales and attending local markets.

Somerset Local Food provides the essential organising link between producers and customers, thereby supporting a healthy, vibrant local food culture and economy within Somerset.