Christmas 2019

The Christmas order cycle will close at 9am on Thursday 19th for delivery on Sunday 22nd or Monday 23rd December 2019.  A number of our  suppliers have now been turned off as their orders have been submitted, including turkey and meat producers, so you can no longer order from them.  However, there is still a full range of fresh fruit and vegetables which will be harvested and brought to the warehouse on Friday, milk and cheese, deli produce, bakery products including Christmas treats and dry and tinned goods for you to choose from to make sure you can enjoy your Christmas holidays.

Though orders are still coming in, Ian has now planned the delivery routes in outline, including deliveries on Saturday 21st Dec to meet the demand, which will be as follows:


The Saturday routes will be loaded straight into vans so will not leave until lunchtime, meaning your delivery may be a little later than you are used to

Route 1 – Glastonbury, Baltonsborough, Shepton Mallet, Castle Cary (Ian)

Route 2 – Langport, Crewkerne, Martock and BA22 (Roger)

Route 3 – Wells, Glastonbury and Street (Martin)


Route 1 – Bath, Frome and Wiltshire (Ian)

Route 2 – Yeovil and Sherbourne (Roger)

Route 3 – Bristol (Martin)


Route 1 – Othery, Taunton, Bridgewater and West Somerset (Ian)

Route 2 – Mendips, Burnham and Weston (Rob)

Route 3 – Mid and South Somerset as needed (Roger)

We will be able to confirm routes and timings on Thursday afternoon but if you have any questions please email Phil at ceo@somersetlocalfood.co.uk or call him on 07717 211422

Ordering:  How do I order?

Place your order via this web site. Just before confirming your order there is a box to add any comments/ instructions regarding your order. However if you have any questions please contact us.

Before confirming your order check you have chosen the correct weekly delivery cycle. You can place an order 24 hours a day up until 9:00 am on the Tuesday morning of a current or future weekly delivery cycle for delivery on Thursday or Friday. Orders received after the 9am deadline each Tuesday will be carried over for delivery in the following weekly delivery cycle. 

There is no minimum order value and you may order as much or as little as you choose.

Ordering: Varying Orders

You can add or delete items yourself right up to the point you confirm and purchase your order.

If you later change your mind about something, whether adding to or deleting items from your order, just let us know using the green ‘Contact Us’ icon at the bottom right-hand side of each web page before the 9am deadline for the relevant delivery cycle. Changes cannot be made to orders after the deadline because our suppliers will be collating and despatching your items to us.

Ordering:  Cancelling Orders

You may cancel your order at any time before the 9am deadline for the relevant delivery cycle using the green ‘Contact Us’ icon at the bottom right-hand side of each web page.  Orders cannot be cancelled after the 9am deadline of the relevant delivery cycle.

Payments: How do I pay?

We are fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, commonly known as PCI DSS, which means your personal and card details are fully protected when you use our website.

Payment must normally be made via our secure online payment partner, Sagepay … though if that is not possible keep on reading.

When you place your order your payment is Authenticated but no money is taken until the order is despatched from the warehouse, allowing us to ensure that you are being billed for the correct amount, whether that be the exact value of weighted products such as meat, fish and some cheeses, or for whatever reason an item is not available that week.  Your invoice will be delivered with your order and will show exactly what you have been billed and any changes that have been made to your order.

We are, however, able to make special arrangements for those without internet connection or knowledge about how to use technology on a case-by-case basis. We are a compassionate social enterprise and we see supporting people in our communities as a priority, so would not want to exclude anyone from our service.  Just contact us and someone will be in touch either by email or by phone if you give us your contact details.

Payments: Refunds

The value of any item not available to deliver to you will be deducted from your invoice before the order is despatched and payment is taken.  If for some reason this doesn’t happen and you find you have paid for an item you have not received, just let us know using the green ‘Contact Us’ icon at the bottom right-hand side of each web page and we will contact you to sort it out.

If for any reason you are not happy with produce just let us know using the green ‘Contact Us’ icon at the bottom right-hand side of each web page and we will contact you to sort it out. However, just consider we do not grade our fresh produce on appearance and what we aim to provide is authentic, fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables straight from the field so produce may not look as shiny and processed as something on a supermarket shelf!

Delivery: How does it work?

We recommend that you enter your delivery postcode on the front page of our web site to check that we can deliver to you, but we currently deliver to all BA, BS and TA postcodes.  When you order for the first time, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery day and you will be assigned to a regular delivery route with a named driver.  From then on we can deliver your order on the same day each week as you require, unless arranged differently.

We currently deliver on a Thursday for Bristol and South Gloucester, Bath and north eastern Somerset including Frome, Bruton and the Wiltshire border, Langport and down to Yeovil and South Somerset along the A303.

We currently delivered on Friday to Street, Othery, Taunton, Wellington, Minehead, Exmoor, Williton, Bridgwater and to Cheddar Valley, Burnham, Weston S Mare, Clevedon, Nailsea, Portishead and the Polden Hills

Delivery Charges: How much is delivery?

The delivery charge is just £3.00. This compares very favourably other delivery schemes. We can deliver when you are not at home (see packaging) so, when you get to ‘checkout’,  just leave instructions as to where we should leave your insulated box(es) if you aren’t in.

Favourites:  Can I create a list of my favourite items that I order regularly?

Underneath each item there is a white ‘heart’ symbol. Click on this and the item will be added to your ‘Favourites’ list.  This list can then be accessed from the ‘My Account’ option on the top menu bar, or from the menu on the left hand side of the ‘Welcome’ screen when you log onto the system (called Shopping Lists).  The Shopping List function gives you the opportunity to set up separate lists of favourites, for example if you also shop for a friend or relative.

Repeating Orders: Can I re-order the same items regularly?

You can create a new order based on any previous order – select ‘My Account’ from the top menu bar and then ‘Orders’ from the menu on the left.  Select the order that you want to replicate and scroll down to the bottom of the list of items.  Select ‘Order again’ (just above the Billing Address details) and a new order will be created.  You can then edit the list to add/remove items to the order and change quantities of items in the list.

Advance Ordering:  Can I order for future dates?

You may now order for future weeks using the drop down menu at checkout to choose your preferred delivery week.

Packaging:  What do I do with the packaging?

Your order will most often come in a sealed, insulated box with an ice-pack where meat, dairy or frozen produce has been ordered. This helps to keep food cool if you are not at home to receive your order.  The driver needs to leave the box in a cool place and hidden from view. The box can be used many times so, if you are able to unpack at the time of delivery, we will take it away again otherwise, we will collect empty boxes when we next deliver to you, or at any time you request, free of charge.

Packaging: Plastics

We try to minimise our use of plastic packaging – where we do use it, we have thought about it carefully. For example, we know that salad leaves and spinach wilt if they are put in the paper bags that we use for most of our other vegetables.  Our producers and wholesalers are aware of our customers’ preference for non-plastic packaging but there is also a balance needed between prolonging the life of the produce to prevent an increase in food waste.

However, we do need to point out a truth. It takes more than four times as much energy to manufacture a paper bag as it does to manufacture a plastic bag, but paper decomposes much more quickly than plastic, and therefore it is less likely to be a source of litter and pose a risk to wildlife. This is not necessarily a problem with plastic, it is a problem with litter, and that is something that each and every one of us can do something about.

Paper is also more widely recyclable, while plastic bags can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose. More plastic could be recycled, or be burnt in CHP plants to heat homes and generate electricity, but our country has chosen not to do so.  So whilst we are reducing our use of plastic packaging, we are also reducing the use of packaging of any type whenever we can because that will have the greatest impact on climate change.

You may return any packaging to us, but we are particularly keen for egg boxes to be returned so they can be reused, and also empty milk cartons.

Packaging: Milk Cartons

If you could just rinse your milk cartons in hot, soapy water before returning, we will sterilise them, fill them with water and freeze them so they can be used to keep your next order cool during the delivery process. This will also keep our costs down and prevent the need to purchase more water filled plastic ice packs

Packaging:  Delivery Boxes

We are acutely aware of our environmental responsibilities and in particular our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint to mitigate climate change.  Many new customers are surprised that we use polyboxes to deliver your order but we have thought very carefully about the environmental impact of the polyboxes, which are weatherproof, robust, durable and can be used again and again for up to a year and more.

The more familiar coated cardboard boxes, which on average will only survive for 4 deliveries, do not provide the insulation properties we feel are essential to keep food fresh and safe, and their lack of durability would actually add to our carbon footprint because of the need to constantly replace them.  We have been through the process of considering alternatives, including cardboard boxes using sheep’s wool as insulation, which would have more powerful marketing appeal, but we have made a conscious choice to ignore the marketing advantage of appearance, and chosen functionality and the environment instead.  

We know they are not pretty, and can initially produce a negative reaction until our rationale is understood, but we believe our polyboxes are the most effective and environmentally conscious way available to us to make sure your food is delivered safely to you.  The greatest environmental impact is when the delivery box is not returned requiring us to purchase another one, which is why we offer a free collection service on the website which can be found here 

Quality:  Food Safety Policy

We aim to be an example of best practice to our local food community. We have implemented a robust food safety system based on the Codex 7 Principals of HACCP, along with ISO standards 22000 and 22002, and we follow all safe methods outlined within the standards.

We were last inspected on 7th February 2019 and received a top 5 star rating.

Disclaimer: Product Information

Please note that while we take every care to make sure the product information displayed on our website is correct, produce is changed regularly which may affect nutrition and allergen information. Therefore, you should always check product labels and do not rely solely on the information presented on this website.

The development of this website and relaunch of Somerset Local Food has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

We have also received financial support from the following through the South West Health and Wellbeing Fund: