Delivering fresh, local and ethically sourced food direct to homes across Somerset since 2002.

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Producer Spotlight

Somerset Local Food


The order volumes on the website are continuing to expand at an unprecedented rate, and the order cycles within our existing capacity are now full until after Easter, with too many unqualified orders being submitted to the detriment of our existing customers, and to elders and those most vulnerable in our communities who are housebound and really need our service.

We have therefore decided to suspend all future orders to give us the opportunity to look at our warehouse operations, have discussions with our supply chain, review our delivery capacity, and talk to the website developers to see if it is possible to increase the volume of orders we can accept whilst doing our best to ensure that those most in need can receive the food to allow them to best protect themselves for the good of everyone.

All orders already placed will be delivered

Everyone is working flat out to get orders out this week, so we will not be answering phones or responding to emails.

Thank you for your tolerance and understanding, and stay at home as much as you can and keep safe.



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Featured produce and special offers

*These are very unusual and challenging times for us all, but it does mean that whilst the order cycle will run to Tuesday, we may stop ordering in advance of the normal time. Please place orders as early in the cycle as you can!*

Empowering local people and supporting our economy

Revitalising Rural Economies

Supporting local, small-scale social and traditional growers, farms and independent food and drink producers across Somerset, sustaining existing employment and creating new jobs for local people.

Supporting Communities

Ensuring inclusive availability of affordable fresh, local and healthy produce and providing a friendly home delivery service direct to homes within our communities across Somerset including complete meals made with locally sourced ingredients to support our elders to continue living independently in their own homes.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Creating the opportunity for social and therapeutic growing projects to become more financially viable through the sale of surplus produce and developing ‘food for good’ strategies to bring people together around food to build communities, reduce isolation and alleviate food poverty.

Protecting the Natural Environment

Promoting ecological growing and farming methods that improve soil quality and increase biodiversity to protect the natural environment and mitigate the impact of climate change

Become a co-owner of your community owned local food delivery service

Grow for Good

Somerset Local Food is a Community Benefit Society owned and financed by the local community. We are committed to promoting the abundance of beautiful local food produced and made by Somerset’s local producers.

We believe that as a community owned social enterprise, together with our community shareholders, we can grow a local food movement that makes good food accessible to everyone in Somerset, impacting on people’s health and wellbeing, maintaining the natural landscape and protecting the local environment to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Becoming a shareholder in Somerset Local Food means you also become a co-owner of the community owned benefit society and have a say in the future direction of the enterprise, including helping us to protect the natural environment for future generations as we create and strengthen local food systems that revitalise our local communities.

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Help us get to our funding target

As a Community Benefit Society, it is important we have a broad base of customers, producers and staff that own shares and participate in the running of the business.

This latest share offer has so far raised £25,700 but we have more to do to reach our target of £50,000.  Your investment will help us to achieve our short term goals including:

  • Further develop the customer facing website so that it continues to meet expectations and improves our business processes
  • Launch new projects and services including working with local therapeutic growing projects which helps to diversify our supply chain whilst increasing our social impact, and creating a new dedicated service for elders in rural communities to help them remain living independently.
  • Find new ways to collaborate with others to address food poverty and to help people choose healthier eating options