Delivering fresh, local and ethically sourced food and drink to homes across Bristol and Somerset since 2002.

Empowering local people and supporting our economy

Revitalising Rural Economies

Supporting local, small-scale farms and independent food and drink producers across Somerset, sustaining existing employment and creating new jobs for local people.

Supporting Communities

Providing a friendly home delivery service to our communities across Somerset, including complete meals made with locally sourced ingredients which supports our elders to continue living independently.

Promoting Health and Well-being

Creating the opportunity for therapeutic growing projects to raise funding through the sale of fresh produce, and bringing people together around food to build communities and reduce isolation.

Protecting the Natural Environment

Promoting ecological growing and farming methods that improve soil quality and increase biodiversity to protect the natural environment and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Help support our new initiative

Ready to Heat Meals Service

In partnership with Dartmoor Cottage Kitchen, we have introduced a range of affordable frozen Ready to Heat Meals made with fresh, local produce, which are the perfect easy dinner for busy people and those living alone.

Delivered by our friendly drivers, who will help unpack your groceries, you can now have a complete cooked dinner in just 3 minutes! We also provide all the other basics someone might need, including locally made bread, butter, milk, eggs and so much more

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Help us get to our funding target

We know it is hard to live an independent life in rural communities, especially with the closure of village shops and cuts in public transport.

We are already supporting people to remain independent in their own homes by providing a range of complete ready-to-heat meals in addition to grocery essentials.  But, to expand this service, we need an additional delivery van so we can reach more people.

We are owned by our local community and you can help us raise the funds we need by becoming a shareholder in Somerset Local Food.  Just click the ‘Find Out More’ button which will take you to our share offer page.

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Producer Spotlight

Somerset Charcuterie

Andy & James have been hobby charcutiers for several years. Andy grew up on a pig farm and James is a member of a small village cooperative of 6 families who raise livestock. Their daughters become best friends at the local school and it wasn’t long before they discovered that they shared passion for curing meats and making salami.

Over a pint of cider at a local lawn-mower race (this is Somerset!), the idea for a quality British Charcuterie business was conceived. Both of them have run their own food businesses for several years and could see an opportunity to develop a range of products that followed traditional Spanish, French and Italian methods but were adapted to the British market and capitalised on the rich food culture of the South West.

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Sliced Duck Breast, 60g

Somerset Charcuterie

Sliced Duck Breast, 60g


Sliced Bresola Somerset Beef, 60g


Sliced Somerset Cider Chorizo, 60g


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